Town of Chapel Hill Party Registration Form

Town of Chapel Hill Party Registration Form

Party, Police Free: A UNC Chapel Hill and Town of Chapel Hill Initiative 

The Chapel Hill Party Registration Program is designed to allow student community members in single family housing neighborhoods and apartments in Chapel Hill to regulate their parties before Law Enforcement intervention, and to provide all community members an efficient mechanism to address loud parties. It is also designed to allow the Chapel Hill Police Department to better utilize the resources they have available at the patrol level.

How does party registration work?

Fill out the Party Registration form on-line (below) by Thursday at 5pm, wait for a response from the program administrators and schedule a time to meet with them, and then complete the registration of your Friday or Saturday night party by visiting Off-Campus Student Life (Granville Towers South, 1st Floor, Suite 2100) at the scheduled time (will take no more than 15 min). 

On the registration form, provide us with two contact persons, two UNC emails, two cell phone numbers, and your local Chapel Hill address. 

If a noise complaint on your house is received, dispatch will call and give you a warning. 

You will have 20 minutes to shut the party down and avoid the cops.

Why Register Your Party?

Unlike a citation for a noise violation, registration is FREE. 

You don't want the cops to stop by - so limit your chance of that happening! 

It gives you an opportunity to take responsibility (before the cops arrive).

If you don't register your party, the presumptive outcome of a noise complaint on your party is a citation. Chapel Hill Police will, in most circumstances, no longer give warnings to loud parties that have not been registered.

Want to know the fine print?

You can only register Friday and Saturday night parties, with some holiday and special event exceptions (e.g., Halloween, LDOC).

You MUST live at the house being registered. You cannot register a friend's party. 

Party Registration is for noise complaints only, and does not protect you or your guests against any other violation including open containers, MIPs or public urination.

Parties in a common areas (e.g. pools, garages, parks, apartment courtyards) cannot be registered.

Houses that receive two consecutive warnings from dispatch will lose party registration privileges for 90 days. Any location that receives a citation or is warned 2 or more times will be prohibited from registering a party for one calendar year from the date the citation was received.

Regardless of Party Registration, you are still responsible for obeying local laws. If the cops should show up at your unit, be respectful. Let them know you registered and be sure to shut your party down. If you ignore your warning, whether by phone or by the police, you are likely to get a ticket. 

See the Town of Chapel Hill Party Registration SOP for more information.

P.S. Party Smart

Even if you register your party, you still need to follow common sense steps to make sure your party doesn't get out of hand. Visit Party Smart for tips on how to keep folks safe and your party out of trouble.