Community Living Class

The Community Living Class is designed to help students learn about ways to be better neighbors and community members as a result of a noise/nuisance violation, typically a loud party or gathering, and other related ordinance violations.  Our goals are to help reduce negative community impacts and help students avoid getting another citation in the future by providing education on the responsibilities of party hosting, and health and legal issues typically connected to large social gatherings. The program is 1.5hrs and facilitated by UNC-CH’s Off-Campus Student Life staff.

Students will be referred to the class by either the Orange County District Attorney's staff (via a deferred prosecution agreement) or the OC PAD (Pre-Arrest Diversion) staff.

All classes are 2:30-4pm on Friday afternoons and will be held in the OCSL conference room in Granville South (unless otherwise indicated). The 2019-202 dates are:


Fall 2019

Sept 27

Oct 25

Nov 22

Spring 2020

Jan 31

Feb 28

March 27

April 17

May 29

Please contact Aaron at or 919-843-5827 with questions.