Faith Based and Religious Life Opportunities

This page is intended as a resource for all UNC-CH students and and other campus and community constituents who are looking for more information about faith-based and religious opportunities in our Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. Carolina is committed to supporting all students in their personal development, including a diversity of identities related to faith, spirituality, and religion. 

We would encourage students who are looking for recognized student organizations with a mission grounded in faith and religion to visit Heellife and search by category (Faith & Religion). For students looking for more information about how Carolina supports the spiritual dimension of wellness, please visit the Student Wellness page. 

See the attachments section below for a list of local clergy in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Community and click here for on-line directory of Orange County, NC houses of worship

Please click here for our Cultural Holiday Calendar.

Please click here for information about University approved absences related to religious observances and here for other Religion-related policies and programs.

If you have any questions about opportunities to connect to student organizations or local faith/religious organizations please connect with our staff here at Off-Campus Student Life. 

We work closely with many of the local Campus Ministers and Ministry Associations. Here is a link to a list of groups affiliated with the Evangelical Ministers Association (ECM) group. Below is a list of organizations that are affiliated with the Campus Ministers Association (CMA) group (if you don't see a group you would like to connect to, let us know and we will help direct you):

Campus Ministers Assn flyer 2021