Virtual & On-Line Resources for Safer at Home and Quarantine-Isolation

Tips for Staying Connected, Engaged, and Well While Physically Distant or in Quarantine/Isolation

3 Questions to answer every day

What are the 3 things you want to accomplish by the end of the day?

What are the 2 things that will make you happy today?

Who should you call, chat, text or Zoom for human interaction today?

Set aside specific time each day for:

  • Nutrition and hygiene (healthy meals and hydration, shower/bath, brush teeth, etc)
  • School work and studying
  • Fitness (a health oriented activity of some kind)
  • Something fun (movie, book, game, etc)
  • Something contemplative (mindful practice, meditation, journaling, faith/religion/prayer)
  • At least two (2) check ins with friends or family (rotating)

How to: UNC Access for Zoom for students

On-line and Virtual Resources:

Ways to Experience Carolina Digitally  


Recommendations from UNC-CH faculty:  


Carolina Student Organizations and Programs


Campus Recreation

Planet Fitness on Facebook

Local Chapel Hill-Carrboro Yoga Classes


NPR has a list of free concerts from all over the world. Also, check out their Tiny Desk Concerts

Arts & Culture

Check out these sites to go on virtual tours of different museums and specific exhibits.

Check out some cool places around the world from national parks to national landmarks. 

Expanded Learning


Animal Webcams

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Just want a cute and cuddly distraction? Check out several different animal live cam options from watching silly sea otters and curious elephants or just mellow out to the hypnotic drifting jellyfish. 

Check out these helpful podcasts

  • Awesome at Your Job - Covering productivity, communication, career management and more
  • That Creative Life - Candid conversations with some of the world's best artists and business professionals
  • College Info Geek - Advice for boosting your productivity, earning better grades, paying off your student loans and more
  • Slate: Working - Interviews with creative people about their work
  • CliftonStrengths Theme Thursdays - Interviews with guests on how their strengths impact them and manifest in their lives

Ideas for Engagement with Friends

  • Virtual movie night
  • Book club or Podcast listening group
  • Weekly polls (favorite song to walk/run to, best food in Chapel Hill, favorite recipes, etc)
  • Create a shared playlist
  • Virtual Dance Party
  • Improv Games (One Word Story, Convergence, 5 Things)
  • Door Decoration Contest
  • Pet Photo Competition
  • Live Game Shows (Kahoot, Quizziz)
  • E-Sports Tournament and other multi-player gaming
  • Poetry or Spoken Word Slam


Some great virtual resources compiled by the UNC-CH Gillings School of Public Health


Some more interesting, creative, and virtual ideas:

AirBnB Online Experiences  

Atlas Obscura Trivia Night  

Jackbox Games 

House Party 

Netflix Party 

Virtual City Tours (Visit NC)   

Check out the 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2018

Choose from 15 Broadway plays and musicals that you can watch on stage from home. Musical television more your thing? Find your next show to binge watch on the list of 11 musical TV shows.

Borrow an ebook from the Chapel Hill Public Library or UNC Libraries

Take up a new hobby like making towel animals or crocheting, or choose from thousands of other tutorial videos on YouTube. 

Watch an opera for free with the Metropolitan Opera.

Listen to a live recording from the Seattle Symphony.

Print off a free printable coloring page from the “Color Our Collections” campaign with coloring sheets from over 100 museums and libraries from around the world or choose from 1,500+ coloring pages with Just Color.