Accessibility and Fair Housing


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"The Fair Housing Act says that landlords, sellers, and homeowner’s associations cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. This means that they cannot refuse to rent to you because you or your family member has a disability. They also cannot treat you poorly because of a disability. And they must grant requests for reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications in your housing.

Fair housing laws apply to almost all types of rental housing

  • Single and multi-family housing (homes, apartments, condominiums);
  • Public housing;
  • Section 8 housing;
  • Mobile homes;
  • Student housing;
  • Group homes;
  • Long-term transient lodging."

For more information, resources, and support, please visit the Disability Rights NC website , UNC-CH Accessibility Resources and Service and Carolina Student Legal Services. See below for an excellent guide on ADA, Fair Housing, and Reasonable Accommodations in North Carolina.