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Heel Print Housing Excellence Program

The Heel Print Housing Excellence Program is an initiative supported by Off-Campus Student Life in partnership with the Town of Chapel Hill Fire Department (CHFD). 

The goals of the Carolina Off-Campus Heel-Print Housing Program are to:

  • Reduce off-campus living risks and hazards by providing student-tenants with information that enhances personal safety and home security,
  • Help students and their families make well-informed decisions about off-campus housing options,
  • Support apartment communities, landlords, and property managers in their efforts to provide high-quality and code/ordinance-compliant living environments.

Any student renting single-family or apartment rental property in Chapel Hill can request a free home visit, and property managers/landlords who have larger apartment properties can request a representative set of units be visited. During each home visit, CHFD representatives will discuss proactive safety and security strategies and answer resident questions, while also administering a safety and security checklist. Participation is voluntary and free.

Enhanced rental property information

As a component of the Off-Campus Housing website, the preferred search engine for off-campus student housing in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area, rental listings of property management companies that participate in the Heel Print Housing Program will be noted with a Heel Print logo and recognition. To participate, PMs will need to submit a request for a site visit through the Town of Chapel Hill website.

During each apartment community visit, CHFD representatives will administer a safety and security checklist for a representative sample of unit types. Participation is voluntary and free.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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