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Get Involved

The Campus Y

In all that we do, Campus Y students strive to engage in reflective and ethical service, rooted in compassion and solidarity, grounded in deep respect. We understand ourselves as learners, endeavoring to grow while supporting the growth of others as well. We believe that our commitment to serving communities and designing creative solutions to social problems can and should be combined with activism that engages each of our thirty committees. Our model and history empower us to create space for the mobilization of diverse alliances of students, alumni, faculty, and friends in- and outside the university.

The Center for Public Service

The Carolina Center for Public Service connects the energy and expertise of both the University and the community to provide students, faculty and staff with deep and transformative experiences. Through engaged scholarship and service, we work together to create collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions to local and global challenges.

Publicizing service events and BPSS Social Media

Join and add events, speakers, etc. to the Buckley Public Service Scholars group on Facebook to allow other participants to be informed. Requests for announcements can also be submitted to the Public Service News. For updates on BPSS-related activities, including but not limited to submission deadlines and skills trainings updates, follow BPSS on Twitter (@ServiceScholars). Questions can also be addressed to the account via direct message or a mention.

Learn about public service and engagement across campus by following the Carolina Center for Public Service on Twitter @UNCserves.

Platforms for finding local service opportunities

For students new to Chapel Hill or trying to decide how to get involved, BPSS has created a tool that allows participants to explore local off-campus organizations that recent participants have been connected with. The tool includes categories such as focus area, frequency of projects logged with the organization and location. Go to the BPSS local service organization finder and click on Top 50 (frequency), Top 50 (hours), Common Focus Areas and Community Map to see various data visualizations and learn what other BPSS participants are doing.

The Center for Public Service has also created a short handout that lists examples of service activities and organizations with which BPSS participants have worked.

Public Service News

For more information about other service opportunities, check out the Public Service News (PSN), arriving weekly by email during the academic year. Register online to receive the PSN.

The Marian Cheek Jackson Center

The Jackson Center, in guidance and vision from Northside neighbors, has been doing work to connect students and long-term residents since the late 2000’s. We have expanded and deepened partnerships with student organizations to build opportunity and capacity, allowing organizations to create more leadership opportunities for students to connect other students in service with Northside.

Year after year students participate in dynamic and immersive learning of the history and legacy of Northside; a classroom without walls. Students have been part of the neighborhood for decades including standing alongside neighbors in the fight against Jim Crow segregation of the 1960’s. Students have planned celebrations in honor of neighborhood service leaders, raised funds to support our local food ministry, and developed the record high participation of students at neighborhood events.

So many times we hear from our neighbors “I don’t know what has happened but these students this year have been the best we have ever had!”

More Opportunities

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