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Good Neighbor Initiative 2022 Volunteers

Good Neighbor Initiative Volunteer Recruitment

The Good Neighbor Initiative is recruiting volunteers to help us with our traditional door to door community walk. Each year we take almost 100 volunteers (including Carolina students, town staff, University fac and staff, local residents) out into our near campus and downtown neighborhoods to meet and talk with students about being good neighbors and the expectations and responsibilities that come along with living in a residential community.

Volunteers do not need previous experience (we'll provide some coaching). You just need to have a commitment to helping students think intentionally about ways they can be a positive contributor to their neighborhood. We have multiple volunteer shifts to choose from, and we encourage folks to select as many as they can do. Sign up here. You can learn more about the Good Neighbor Initiative here. 

If you have questions, please contact Sophie Dubois at [email protected] or Aaron Bachenheimer at [email protected] or 919-843-5827

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